Representatives from Transport Alliance Australia once again attended the Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria industry stakeholders’ video meeting on Wednesday 15 April 2020. There were no major updates to report and still nothing about further financial assistance for CPV industry stakeholders. We can only hope that next week's meeting will bring welcome news.

The CPVV is working with the COVID-19 Cross Industry Taskforce to enable public transport service providers to tap into the supply chain for personal protective equipment (PPE), hygiene and cleaning products. While not all types of products are available and quantities vary, BSPs are able to request products online here.

BSPs will be invoiced for all products supplied on a cost recovery basis and are expected to pass on to drivers without applying a  margin. However, at this point in time, the only product available is hand sanitiser.

Taxis are now being engaged to transfer international airline passengers from hotels following completion of their 14 day quarantine period.Not everyone will get an opportunity to do this work, yet the intent is to share as much work as possible across all organisations within the Victorian commercial passenger vehicle industry. Contact your BSP if you are interested in these opportunities.


If you have questions for the next CPV industry stakeholders meeting please send them to TAA team using our contact form here.