Supplies of sanitiser, personal hygiene and cleaning products will be available to commercial passenger vehicles driver and operators in the next few days after TAA Victoria state director André Baruch and industry stakeholders asked for assistance to secure products at the regulator industry group meeting on Wednesday.

Drivers have struggled to access products due to increased demands through normal retail outlets.

"It's good to see the CPVV responding to industry needs to address the shortage of cleaning products and secure supply chains," said Mr Baruch.

"Drivers and passengers are extremely concerned about hygiene during the Covid-19 crisis and we want to make sure everyone feels safe when using commercial passenger vehicles," he said.

In a statement to industry group the CPVVictoria said the supply chain would be available within the next few days and that booking service providers would be able to request products with each request being assessed against a priority supply criteria.

Should products be supplied it is likely they will be couriered to the booking service provider along with an invoice for the cost of the products.